Typically, we meet and hunt in the Ashton area, where we are privileged to ride cross-country over more than 1000 acres. After most hunts, members and guests meet back at the OVH clubhouse to enjoy a meal together. This much valued tradition is known as a “Greenbox”, where we mingle and munch with our fellow riders and social members. This after-hunting gathering is included in your hunting or capping fees.”

Which OVH members host a Greenbox?

Senior Hunting Members

One greenbox per year; first and second year members share a greenbox with a senior member.

Senior Social Members

One greenbox every other year or share a greenbox with a senior member every year. Note: first year members do not host a greenbox, second year members share a greenbox with a senior member.

Stirrup Cup

As part of your responsibility for hosting the Greenbox you are also expected to provide the “Stirrup Cup” in the morning, just before the hunt leaves. This is traditionally port or sherry, together with a non-alcoholic selection, such as lemonade, which you serve from the Hunt Club.

How do I sign up for a Greenbox?

Twice a year, the OVH Secretary will send out an e-mail to members giving the dates of available greenboxes for the Spring and Fall fixture cards. Dates are booked on a first come first served basis so if you would like a specific date in the spring or fall, contact the Secretary as early as possible and she will do her best to accommodate you.

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