Hunter pace: First jewel
Sunday July 14 at 9 am – 1 pm
Registration opens at 8 am, first start at 9 am, last start at 11 am.

OVH Hunt Farm
8935 Abb Rd. in Ashton

Join the Ottawa Valley Hunt for a delightful morning ride across our cross-country hunt territory. With the generosity of local land­owners, we enjoy access to many acres of gorgeous fields and wooded areas.
Teams of up to three riders will follow a marked route over about 10 kilometers of countryside. Natural cross-country jumps will be abound, but every obstacle will have a way around. Your pace will be timed and the team who rides closest to the ideal “Hunter Pace” – clocked earlier that day by an experienced hunt rider – is the winner.
• Ribbons to 6th place
• BBQ and refreshment tent
• For more info, email

Entry fee $50/person including HST. Bring cash or a cheque payable to Ottawa Valley Hunt. The OVH hunting members attend for free.

Print out registration form and waiver.

Please note that OVH will be taking photos at the event and that these photos may be posted on the OVH website and social media channels as well as used to promote events.

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