Ottawa Valley Hunt Greenbox Guidelines 


Which OVH  members host a Greenbox?


Hosting a greenbox is a requirement for Senior active OVH members according to the following criteria:


Senior Hunting Member: One greenbox per year; first and second year members share a greenbox with a senior member.


Senior Social Member: One greenbox every other year or share a greenbox with a senior member every year; first year members do not host a greenbox, second year members share a greenbox with a senior member.


Limited Senior Social Member: Do not host greenboxes.


Special circumstances:

Many of our long-standing members may not be required to host greenboxes as they have paid their "greenbox" dues over many years of membership.  We also, at times, exempt some members who have paid full membership dues for many years, rarely hunt, and rarely attend greenboxes.



How do I sign up for a greenbox?


Twice a year, the OVH Secretary will send out an e-mail to members giving the dates of available greenboxes for the Spring and Fall fixture cards. If you want a specific date in the spring or fall, contact the Secretary as early as possible.



What is the OVH Greenbox Guest Policy?


The host(s) of the greenbox may invite up to five guests at no charge. These five guests do not pay the greenbox fee of $25. Hosts are also encouraged to invite landowners to their greenbox - they do not count as part of the five guests, and do not pay the greenbox fee. If you do not know which landowners to invite, please contact one of the Joint Masters for guidance.

Spouses of members and parents of juniors in the OVH Junior Program may attend occasional greenboxes with the payment of the greenbox fee of $25 but must notify the host of the greenbox two or three days in advance. 


 All other guests must be invited by one of the Masters, who will then notify the host of the greenbox. These other guests include spouses of cappers, members' immediate family, friends of members, and dignitaries. Members who wish to invite guests of this type must submit a request to one of the Masters. These other guests must pay the $25 greenbox fee.


The greenbox fee should be paid to the Treasurer, Secretary, or MFHs at the greenbox.



Hosting a Greenbox:


This is meant as a friendly reminder to "old hands" and a guide to those who are learning the art of hosting a greenbox.


You are responsible for the Stirrup Cup, Hunt Breakfast and Clean Up.


If you need to come to the Clubhouse the day before or early on the day of your greenbox, call the Huntsman [253-0179] to arrange a time to access the Clubhouse.



Stirrup Cup:

-  served from the small field gate, or in bad weather, from the patio

-  ready to serve 20-30 minutes before the scheduled Hunt departure time

-  bring with you sherry, port or your preferred beverage, and a non-alcoholic alternative, plastic glasses, trays



Hunt Breakfast:

Estimating the number of people to feed is a "mugs game" - be prepared for any number of people with large appetites! Some hosts have asked the Secretary (Basia) to send out an RSVP to the membership to get an idea of numbers for their greenbox: this is certainly an option for you.


-  serving plain, wholesome food is encouraged! A greenbox does not have to be fancy!!

-  serve food approximately 1 hour after the Hunt returns to the kennels, but remember people who take their horses home come later and still need to be fed

-  bring with you napkins, coffee cups, foil, plastic wrap and all the ingredients to serve snacks, main course, dessert and coffee

-  kitchen is meant for assembling dishes and reheating food, not for the total preparation of the meal

-  tablecloths are kept in the Cloakroom cupboards, and the dessert table cupboard; tea towels, oven mitts etc. are above the kitchen stove

-  the coffee pot takes about 1 hour to make coffee

-  place snacks on tables and the bar, but do not overcrowd the bar

-  when you are ready to serve ring the bell, which is kept behind the bar

-  you can serve or let people serve themselves

-  avoid disrupting the operation of the bar




Clean up:


            Kitchen and Clubhouse:

  • wash plates, cutlery etc. and put away. Put cutlery in the greenbox and close the lid
  • wipe clean all surfaces to reduce the fly problem
  • clear out the fridge/freezer
  • wipe inside and outside tables
  • stack outside chairs
  • vacuum
  • ensure that any cigarette butts are extinguished before throwing in the garbage
  • if you light the fire, you are responsible for leaving it in a safe condition with the grate's steel curtains closed



v  Clean toilets and washbasins using cleaning products stored under the kitchen sink

v  Put clean hand towels in washrooms and/or replace paper towel rolls as necessary

v  Dispose of garbage

v  Vacuum

v  Prop doors slightly open



Before you leave:

-  Make sure the stoves and all the room heaters are off

-  The garbage bag should be tied and taken home with you for disposal

-  Turn the lights off and close the patio doors



Remember you are responsible for washing all used tablecloths, tea towels, etc. and returning them before the next Greenbox. If this is not possible, consider using your own linens.

If you take home any glasses/plates/bowls belonging to the Hunt, please wash and return before the next hunt.



Please ensure they know the restrictions of the hunt kitchen. They must be accompanied if they wish to come to inspect the Clubhouse at a time arranged in advance with the Huntsman.


Please leave the Clubhouse in the condition you would expect to find it for your own Greenbox.





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